Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Doris Davidson

Everyone at Birlinn is very sad to announce the death of Doris Davidson.
   Doris was an Aberdeen lass through and through, having been born there in 1922 the daughter of a master butcher and country lass. Her idyllic childhood was shattered in 1934 with the death of her father, meaning her mother was forced to take in lodgers to make ends meet and Doris’ early departure from education. Doris went to work in an office, gradually rising through the ranks until she became book-keeper, but at the age of 41 she decided to do something else.
   Doris went back to college to study for O and A levels and trained as a primary school teacher. From 1967 until she retired in 1982 she taught in schools in Aberdeen but once again, Doris decided to change focus. Her new 'career' was as a writer. Drawing on her own experiences and childhood she would become an acclaimed and much-loved romantic novelist. One of most successful books, though, was her autobiography A Gift from the Gallowgate, charting her childhood in Aberdeen in the 20s and 30s, her marriages and working early working life.
   Doris was a joy to work with, still appearing at signings locally well into her 80s and still delighting readers. She will be very sadly missed.