Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Curtain Twitching in Edinburgh as 'Inside Edinburgh' arrives in the office

There was much excitement in Birlinn HQ this week as our Inside Edinburgh title by David Torrance finally arrived. Luxurious cover, eye-catching and interesting content and....above all else, I can verify.... a great smell. We do love the smell of new books here in Birlinn, all gathering around incoming deliveries for that first waft as the boxes are cut open to reveal their spoils.

Now I don't know about you Birlinn fans but I often find that I miss so much of what Edinburgh has to offer in the way of architectural beauty simply because I'm always rushing around. I never look up when out walking (obviously, always best to keep your eyes on the road in front) but subsequently I miss out on all the spectacular touches and finishes that lie only a few metres above. The same is true of Edinburgh's stately homes and  their interiors. Despite so many opportunities to visit public venues and buildings I just never seem to find the time. Well Birlinn fans, if like me, you are high on good intentions but low on will power and time, Inside Edinburgh is the perfect antedote. Offering a rare glimpse inside 75 of Edinburgh’s grandest, humblest, sociable and sometimes most private buildings this book is high on taste, colour, detail and quality. The interiors covered range in theme from notable shops, hotels, clubs/societies to public houses, banks, domestic interiors and schools/colleges. Each interior discussed is accompanied by a breath-taking, specially-commissioned colour photograph and also complemented by a brief description, many of which reveal charming nuggets of historical and architectural insight.

Highlights include TL Walls Opticians’ glorious 1930s panelling, the restored Victorian splendour of Drumsheugh Baths Club – Edinburgh’s oldest private swimming club – and the elegant austerity of St Triduana’s Chapel within the precincts of Edinburgh Castle.

As Winter begins to draw in and the curtains are drawn that little bit earlier on these notable interiors, fear not, because Inside Edinburgh will reveal to you the best of what Edinburgh's fine buildings and homes have to offer. So don't let Winter spoil your fun and curiosity, grab a copy of Inside Edinburgh now from our wesite at .

Until next time, keep those curtains twitching!