Thursday, 12 May 2011

Birlinn and Polygon eBooks Go Live Today!

The book world has been taken by storm by the new way of reading, and no matter what you like to read – fiction, biography, history, crime – or how you like to read it – as a book, on a Kindle, on an iPad or any of the new e-Readers - Birlinn and Polygon eBooks have something for you!

This is absolutely not the end of traditional paper books for Birlinn and Polygon - fear not - but with eBook sales jumping from 1% to 6% of the whole UK book market in just one year it shows the popularity of the format. Our new eBooks are available on the most popular eBook retailers websites (,, iBook store shortly) and more titles will be introduced every month. We're aiming to digitise as much of our backlist as possible and produce most of our new titles as eBooks from now on, so keep an eye on for the latest titles available as eBooks!

Come on over to for the list of the first titles to be eBookified!

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